what is the best budget printer?

Printers are available at a variety of price points, but it can still be difficult

to locate the ideal printer on a budget.

However, you don't have to spend a fortune to obtain reasonably priced printers

with adequate performance.


Despite the fact that printers frequently go on sale, we've selected printers

with a low Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) rather than a low

sale price, so that even without a discount, they're still very reasonable.


Also, our recommendations aren't necessarily the absolute cheapest solutions,

as those typically feature a really poor page yield, meaning you'll likely

spend more on replacement ink over time.



Our picks for the best budget printer

Image of white inkjets printer

1.Brother HL-L2350DW


If you only need to print black-and-white documents, a monochrome laser printer

may be the best choice.

The Brother HL-L2350DW, a variation of the Brother HL-L2325DW, is recommended.

There is nothing wrong with the HL-L2325DW; it is just a little difficult to find

at the moment; thus, the HL-L2350DW is your best option because

it functions nearly equally.


It includes standard Wi-Fi and USB connectivity and is compatible

with Brother's mobile companion app, which may be used

to print or conduct maintenance duties directly from

a mobile device.


It generates sharp-looking papers swiftly, at up to 32 pages per minute,

and has a solid construction.

Since the toner cartridge delivers approximately 1200 prints

and is inexpensive, you need not worry about hefty

maintenance costs.


Additionally, as it is a monochrome printer, just one cartridge

needs to be replaced. Since the drum is a separate item,

you must pay extra to replace it, but it typically lasts 12,000 prints,

so you won't have to do so frequently. It is a print-only device,

therefore you must ensure that you will not need

to scan anything.


2. Brother MFC-J1205W

The most cost-effective printer we can recommend is the Brother MFC-J1205W,

a color inkjet all-in-one ideal for household usage.

We chose this printer since it has a high page yield, a feature typically reserved

for less expensive machines.


Low-yield printers necessitate more maintenance and can raise

operating costs over time, so you end up spending more.

This printer, on the other hand, produces approximately

1100 black and 750 color pages, so you will not need

to replace the ink cartridges frequently unless

you print frequently.


It creates high-quality papers and reasonably realistic images

in terms of detail and color. This printer supports Apple AirPrint

and Mopria Print Service and may be connected

through Wi-Fi or USB.


The scanner's ability to catch a high number of fine details

makes it perfect for digitizing photographs, and its lid hinges

may be extended to handle heavier materials such as books

and magazines.

It lacks an automatic document feeder, so scanning multipage

documents could be time-consuming. As for printing speeds,

it is not very fast, but it does not take long to wake up

and print a page.


If you choose a model with an automatic document feeder (ADF)

or faster printing speed and are willing to spend a little extra,

the Brother MFC-J4335DW may be a better option.

Otherwise, if you have a strict budget, the MFC-J1205W

is an excellent option that will suit the needs

of the majority of individuals.


3. Pantum P2502W

Get the Pantum P2502W if you're looking for a less expensive alternative

to the Brother HL-L2325DW.

As with the Brother, this is a print-only device that lacks a scanner.

It has an exceptional print quality and a toner cartridge yield

of around 2000 pages.

It prints 23 pages per minute, although it takes some time to warm up

and does not enable automated double-sided printing.


Unfortunately, this printer has a tendency to push printed pages

out of the output tray, requiring you to rearrange them

in the correct sequence.

This issue may also result in misaligned printouts, which wastes

additional time and paper.

It does not occur frequently, yet it is still a nuisance.

If you want to avoid bother, the Brother is the superior option.

This model can get the job done, but be warned that you

may occasionally encounter issues.


4. Canon PIXMA MG3620

If you find our budget selection to be too pricey, consider the Canon PIXMA MG3620,

the most affordable printer we've evaluated.

It is a straightforward, all-in-one inkjet printer meant for infrequent users.

This model has a black and tri-color cartridge, which is why we say "sometimes."


It still produces high-quality black and color prints, but the ink cartridges

will need to be replaced frequently.

Additionally, you must replace the tricolor cartridge

even if only one color runs out.

It's not so much a financial issue, as ink cartridges are rather inexpensive;

it's more of a maintenance issue, and you may end up

with many faded or incomplete prints.


The scanner runs well and generates very detailed scans,

however it lacks automatic feeder and duplex scanning


You can print from iOS and Android smartphones without

installing drivers or third-party software thanks to Wi-Fi

and USB connectivity, as well as compatibility for Apple AirPrint

and Mopria Print Service.

If you just print once in a blue moon for one-off items,

this model will suffice.

If you print more than that, though, you will benefit

from a printer with a larger page yield, such as

our budget pick.



Things to consider before buying a budget printer

When shopping for a new budget printer, you will find a variety of attractive discounts.

With dozens of brands offering dozens of various models, each promoting

different performance-based features and statistics,

it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose perspective.

When aiming to spend as little as possible on your next printer,

consider the following factors:


1. Buying cheap can often be costly.

One of the most expensive things consumers who print frequently can do

is get the cheapest printer available.

Numerous inexpensive printers consume a great deal of ink and feature

expensive brand-name cartridges with lesser ink capacities.


This may not matter if you print out movie tickets every month or so,

but if you're a student writing term papers and reading assignments,

it mounts up pretty quickly.

When purchasing a printer, pay close attention to the specifications

for both the printer and its ink cartridges.


Every manufacturer will provide the average number of printed pages

per ink cartridge.

Compare these figures to the cost of the cartridge to determine

whether or not that inexpensive printer is indeed

a bargain.


2. Do not be attracted by superficial features

It is essential to take a step back and analyze which features

you will actually utilize frequently.

For instance, multifunction printer/scanner/copiers are ideal

for students and businesspeople who need to track receipts,

record excerpts and notes from library books,

and generate copies of invoices for

accounting purposes.


However, if you have never found yourself searching for standalone scanners

or rushing to Kinkos for a last-minute copy, you may not require

these features.

Likewise, WiFi printing is quite nice and convenient,

so long as your PC is not directly adjacent

to your printer.


Knowing what features you want and need will also help you determine

where it's most vital to invest a bit more money.

For instance, photography aficionados are better off investing more in inks

and printheads and avoiding all-in-one printers.


3. Choosing Between Inkjet or Laser Printer

Knowing which printer is ideal for your needs can help you

save a great deal of money and produce superior prints!

Inkjet and laser printers are likely the two printer kinds

you are most familiar with.


Inkjet printers apply ink layers by firing small droplets from jets

in the printer head.

Typically less expensive and ready to print in color.

Most picture printers are inkjets because they generate superior

photographs compared to more expensive laser printers.


Laser printers use toner powder rather than ink.

They print text faster and more efficiently than inkjet printers,

and despite higher starting costs, they typically output

more text pages for less money.


If you frequently print lengthy documents that are not

image-intensive, a laser printer may be a better

long-term investment. 


4. Affordable Substitutes for OEM Ink Cartridges

One approach to save more money is to choose ink or toner

for your printer more carefully.

When you use compatible ink cartridges, you can get comparable

print output for between 30 and 60 percent less at the cash register

(or checkout page if you are buying from online stores like inkjets.com).


When shopping for a new budget printer, pay close attention

to the ink cartridges or refilling options available.

Different types of options will be offered by various printers.

Some ink cartridges are designed to be readily refilled

with a refilling kit, which not only saves you money

but also serves as an excellent failsafe if your printer

runs out of ink at the worst possible moment.


5. Buy printer accessories online

Purchasing home office supplies online saves you more time

than simply avoiding a store trip.

Online merchants have lower overhead expenses and provide

better bargains than the majority of brick-and-mortar chains.

In many instances, you may have compatible printer supplies,

which are not carried by major businesses such as

Staples and OfficeMax, shipped directly

to your house.


Supplies such as USB cords, connectors, and other one-time

needed for your printer are sometimes significantly

more expensive in stores than online.

This may be because the vendor views the product as an upsell,

an afterthought, or an emergency necessity for the buyer.

Anyone who has ever found themselves in a bind

without a phone charger is well aware of this.


A little research on your next printer purchase might save you

a substantial amount of money in the long term.

Instead of focusing on extravagant features,

consider more economical options.

Your wallet will appreciate it afterwards.



Compound your savings when buying a budget printer

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