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The HP Deskjet 670TV is designed for groups and individuals who are looking for reliable printing partner to help boost their productivity. This machine is able to print different media types including labels, cards, transparencies and many more. Do you need affordable ink cartridges for this printer? Carrot Ink offers the HP 49 (51649A) Remanufactured Color Ink Cartridge for color ink replacement. This product can produce up to 310 pages give or take a few depending on the settings that you use. For black ink replacement we offer HP 29 (51629A) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge, which can give you as much as 58% savings on your budget! What are you waiting for? Buy them now!

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

These are easy steps to replace the ink in your HP Deskjet 670TV:

  1. Turn on the printer and open the printer. Wait for the print cartridge cradle to stop moving in the access area.
  2. Hold the old print cartridge and slowly slide it out of the cartridge cradle.
  3. Take out the new print cartridge from its packaging and remove the plastic tape. Do not touch the ink nozzle or the copper contacts to prevent electrical or printing problems in the future.
  4. Slide the new print cartridge into the cradle and push until it snaps in place.
  5. Close the printer cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can I store the HP 29 (51629A) Ink Cartridge?

As long as the HP 29 is stored properly, it can stay on your shelf for 18 to 24 months.

Is it safe to use a remanufactured ink cartridge for my HP Deskjet 670TV?

Yes it is safe to use because every remanufactured ink cartridge undergo stringent process starting the cleaning, repair, and replacement of its parts. Each cartridge is also screened before being released into the market.

What are the terms of your warranty?

We offer 1 year warranty on all our products and that includes 100% money back guarantee and free returns.

Cartridges compatible with your HP Deskjet 670TV Printer

HP 29 (51629A) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge

650 Page Yield

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