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Business Inkjet 2500cm

Cartridge prices starting at $38.95

Time to replace the ink cartridges on your HP Business Inkjet 2500CM? Get our discounted HP 10 Remanufactured 4-Piece Combo Pack to reduce your printing expenses by up to 40%. This combo pack already includes all the HP ink cartridges that you need: 1 Black HP 10 (C4844A), 1 Cyan HP 10 (C4841A), 1 Magenta HP 10 (C4843A), and 1 Yellow HP 10 (C4842A). With a strict quality rebuilding process in place, we ensure that all our remanufactured HP ink cartridges are of the highest quality and deliver the most reliable performance and superb print quality. Shop with confidence here today⁠—100% satisfaction guarantee is included with every order.

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow this simple guide if you need to replace any empty ink cartridge on the HP Business Inkjet 2500CM:

  1. You should start by pressing the Power button to turn on your HP Business Inkjet 2500CM.
  2. Once powered on, lift the ink cartridge cover and remove the empty ink cartridge from the printer.
  3. Get the new ink cartridge package and take out the cartridge. Make sure that the color of the replacement cartridge matches the color on the empty slot.
  4. Remove the protective tape from the cartridge that's used during shipment. If you fail to remove this, the printer may not recognize the new cartridge or print quality issues may occur.
  5. Install the new cartridge into the printer and press it down until it locks into place.
  6. Close the ink cartridge cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received the wrong ink cartridge for my HP Business Inkjet 2500CM. How do I get a replacement cartridge?

Getting a replacement cartridge is easy. Simply contact our Customer Service Department at 1-972-200-3813. Or you can also send us an email at [email protected]. A prepaid return mailing label will be included with the new cartridge so you can ship the wrong product back to us, free of charge.

I need two black ink cartridges, one yellow, and one magenta ink cartridge. Can I replace the cyan cartridge in the 4-piece combo pack with the black cartridge instead?

No. Our 4-piece combo pack is pre-assembled, so it's sold as is. You may buy an extra black cartridge individually instead in addition to the 4-piece combo pack.

How do I get discounts?

To get discounts, feel free to sign up for our newsletter. Or if you're an existing customer, we will send you our weekly specials directly to your email address.

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