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HP Deskjet 680 Ink

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The HP Deskjet 680 is one of the printers that can deliver great convenience whether it's personal or office printing. With this machine, printing labels, postcards, transparencies, and a lot more can be a breeze. But to continue enjoying vivid prints, make sure you avail of high-quality ink replacements. Here at Carrot Ink, we offer excellent remanufactured cartridges at prices that won't bust your budget! For color ink replacement, we offer the HP 49 (5149A) Remanufactured Color Ink cartridge, which has a standard yield of 650 pages. If you need a black ink replacement, the HP 29 (51629A) Remanufactured Black Ink cartridge will give you a lot of savings. Need one now? Then don't hesitate to place your orders!

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How to Replace Cartridge(s)

Follow these easy-to-understand steps to replace your HP Deskjet 680 Ink cartridge:

  1. Open the printer's access door and turn it on so that the ink cartridge cradle moves to the center for easy access.
  2. Carefully pull out the ink cartridge the needs to be replaced.
  3. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging. Make sure to remove the seal at the bottom of the cartridge.
  4. Align the new cartridge in the cradle and gently press it down in place ensuring that it is securely fixed.
  5. Close the access door of the printer and print a test copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my HP Deskjet 680 printer last a long time?

Like all devices, your Deskjet 680 printer can serve you for a long time if you take proper care of it. Using quality replacement, like remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges, will help a lot. 

What is the correct way of storing my unopened HP 49 (5149A) Remanufactured Color Ink cartridge?

You must store it in an upright position and put it in a cool and dark place. Take note that its shelf life is 18-24 months.

How is a high-yield ink cartridge different from a standard capacity cartridge?

A high-yield ink cartridge contains more ink or toner and can print more pages compared to a standard capacity ink cartridge.